We are building the future of Africa!

You are concerned about the political climate in your country. So are we.

You are bothered by the weak education system and high youth unemployment rate in your country. So are we.

You are worried about the inability of your government to provide adequate social services like constant power supply, good roads, health facilities and clean water to all citizens. So are we.

You are tired of complaining about the inefficiencies at all levels of government. So are we.

You believe that Africa’s future must be brighter than its past, and you know that it is the responsibility of all citizens to ensure the development of our continent. So do we.

Future Africa was founded to redesign political, economic and social discourse in Africa by bridging the gap between decision makers and proven approaches to address current and future development needs on the continent. We aggregate the continent’s brightest young minds to design implementable policy proposals and we work with governments to ensure sustainable development across Africa.

Join us on this mission to transform Africa into a peaceful and prosperous continent driven by empowered citizens; take the Citizens’ Pledge below and watch out for the full launch of Future Africa.

Take the pledge

I am an African Citizen. I believe in the great potential of my country and continent to be a peaceful, prosperous and highly desirable place for all to live. I know that I have a responsibility to work with my fellow citizens for the future which I desire. I will not be a bystander; I pledge to be an engaged, committed and productive citizen. Africa’s future is my future. Count me in!

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