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“The Future Africa Fellowship for me is a place that unites people from different walks of life and countries to come together and identify and provide solutions to political problems. ”

Yande Changala

Yande Changala
Yande Changala is a university student pursuing her first degree in Development studies at the University of Lusaka, she is also a content manager at StandOut influence and the founder of an all ladies Network called The Excel tribe. She is passionate about good governance, citizen participation, youth and women inclusion in decision making. She believes that good governance is at play when women and youths are allowed to stand up and take part in influencing the decisions that affect them as a country and a continent. In the recent past,

Yande has had the privilege of working with different organisations that have allowed her to learn and grow in the way she understands governance and what true inclusion is, in 2020, she was selected by Atlas for Development to represent her country (Zambia) in the Model for Africa Union. She says these experiences have grown her to see and understand the power that youths have and how they can use it for the betterment of their countries. Being a development studies student, Yande has been able to incorporate her passions with her career gaining more knowledge about the challenges faced by her country on a political, economic and social level, she says it is through her education and experiences that she saw the need to do something about the deficiencies in these aspects, hence the birth of the Excel Tribe, with this network, Yande wishes to lead her own organisation that mentors women leaders.

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