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We are building a community of doers – a generation of young Africans who are wholeheartedly committed to the mission of transforming Africa. Join us as we invest in learning about our continent and developing innovative solutions to transform our continent. Explore! Innovate! Engage!

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Citizens’ Pledge

The Citizens’ Pledge is a call to action for all who believe in the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Africa driven by empowered citizens. Africa is ours to build. Join us as we work together to bring this dream to reality.

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Future Africa Ambassador

Who are Future Africa Ambassadors?

The Future Africa Ambassadors is a network of passionate youth leaders across the continent who lead advocacy projects, organize townhall meetings and campaign actively for the implementation of policies and agreements drafted at national, regional and continental levels.
Ambassadors are provided with an advocacy toolkit and supported to take action locally to sensitize local populations about active citizen engagement and collaboration to build functional democracies. Each year, Future Africa recruits and trains a cohort of ambassadors across the continent who join the network as part of a mission to have an active community of ambassadors in 100 African cities by 2023.

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Advocacy Toolkit

The Future Africa Advocacy Toolkit is a citizen engagement tool which has been designed to enable young Africans to take simple actions to advocate for political, economic and social change in their communities and in the continent as a whole.
Using this toolkit, you could create awareness of important African development needs through your social media channels, you could reach out to public decision makers through writing open and directed letters, and you could organize people in your community to join you in creating a movement.

Click below to download the toolkit and don’t forget to share your outcomes with us at info@futureafrica.net.

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“Taking Action” story

Are you a changemaker who has already been involved in creating and managing change projects somewhere in Africa? You can inspire others by sharing your story and becoming a part of our broader community of change agents. We will like to know what inspired you to launch the action which you did, the challenges you have encountered along the way, and the successes which you have recorded.

You might have started an NGO to care for orphaned children in your neighbourhood, or you might have volunteered as a part-time teacher at an under-resourced school, or you might have led a public campaign against female genital mutilation in your community. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your project is, what matters is that you took action.

Do share your story, and we could be publishing it on the “Taking Action” section of our Insights blog.

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The southern African maxim, Ubuntu refers to the notion of a shared humanity loosely translated “I am because we are”. We seek to celebrate the unsung heroes in our communities who are constantly taking action for the betterment of our societies, often without recognition.

Do you know any outstanding changemaker in your community? Tell us about them and we will seek to feature them on our “Taking Action” page.