Amina NdagireUganda | Associate, The Model African Union

    Amina is Ugandan and a graduate of the African Leadership Academy. She is passionate about health and hopes to pursue a career in medicine or pharmacy. She has launched several initiatives in Uganda to tackle issues related to health and sanitation in a high school and its surrounding community. Her interest in social entrepreneurship was inspired by the Pan African Youth Leadership Program in 2015 and was developed by the Entrepreneurial Leadership program at the African Leadership Academy.

    She was a delegate at the Harvard Model United Nations in 2016 and she took part in the African Leadership Academy Model African Union conference in 2016 as Deputy Chairperson for the African Commission for Human and People’s rights and in 2017 as a Director General for the conference.

    Besides social entrepreneurship and health, Amina is also very interested in business and has been working at an oil and gas company from a very early age, occasionally managing two of the company’s gas stations. She attends Harvey Mudd College, California, pursuing her university education.