Isaac van HeerdenSouth Africa | Director of Networks

    Isaac is currently studying at African Leadership University in Mauritius. His interests include healthcare, education and intra-African trade. Having grown up in Zimbabwe and South Africa, at an early age he recognized just how much political decisions can affect people’s quality of life. As a result, he sought admission to the African Leadership Academy (ALA), an institution he believed would help him develop the requisite skills to solve complex problems within his areas of interest. At ALA, he was a delegate at the Harvard Model United Nations conference as well as the Chairperson of the Advisory Board on Corruption at the inaugural African Leadership Academy Model African Union conference. Additionally, he has interned with Cabrini Ministries, a healthcare services provider in Swaziland which liaises with the government of Swaziland to develop better policies that improve healthcare. All these experiences made him realize the importance of public policy and governance in creating progressive and sustainable environments for people. As such, he hopes to pursue a career where he can play a role in creating policies that improve the quality of life for people in his home country of South Africa.