Marubini MuswedeSouth Africa | Director, The Model African Union

    Marubini is a young and highly dedicated entrepreneur and leader; she is ambitious about possibilities and highly passionate about breaking barriers that limit young people from reaching their goals. She is constantly achieving great strides, including completing the United States Youth Leadership Programme. Marubini also annually holds her independent project called the Celebrating Women Programme which aims to create a space where women can reclaim their voices. She had an exceptional experience as a student at the African Leadership Academy; her journey through the African Studies course proved eye-opening as she explored her identity and the origins of Africa in relation to the rest of the world. After being selected to participate at the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, USA, she ventured with a team to orgarnise a youth camp aimed at cultivating ideas for change within societies, called the South African Ideas Festival. She also had a successful journey in the International Relations course at the Academy, having attended the Georgetown School of Foreign Service Model United Nations conference in Qatar and being awarded Best delegate in Human Rights Commission as a delegate of Brazil. She served as Moderator of the African Energy Commission at the African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU) 2016 conference and Deputy Chairperson of the conference in 2017. Her journey in the International Relations class allowed her to develop her oratory skills and management style as she led 9 committee chairpersons in their research under the theme “Enhancing Capacity, Accelerating Progress”. Marubini is enrolled at Smith College, USA to further her education in International Human Rights Law, Peace and Justice Studies and Public Policy.