Naana OcranGhana | Associate, Future Africa Projects

    Naana is passionate about the integration of the arts in the development of Africa. She was the Director of Administration of African Leadership Academy Model African Union 2016. As a Ghanaian citizen, she has always been fascinated by the gap between economic sustainability and artistic expression that many of the talented local artisans face. Driven by this curiosity, she spent the summer of 2017 in Nepal with the Association of Craft Producers Nepal, a fair-trade organization, to understand how to make local art more globally attractive and empower local artisans. In the future, she hopes to apply the lessons she learnt there in developing the arts sector in Ghana.

    She is currently studying Africana Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and serves as the President of the African Students Association (ASA). ASA’s objective is to foster a welcoming environment for Africans on campus and introduce Africa to the world.