Tinashe HandinaZimbabwe | Director, Future Africa Ambassadors

    Tinashe is passionate about education, international relations and the involvement of youth in the development of their communities. Tinashe has consistently been involved in the co-ordination of various community uplifting activities through programs like Youth against AIDS, an organization for which he was president for four years. He later went to the African Leadership Academy were he delved deeper into understanding international relations and the issues affecting the African continent. Tinashe was part of the organizing team for the Model African Union in 2016 as the Chairperson for the Ad-Hoc Committee on Political Instability. Through this position, he crafted a detailed research paper on political instability on the continent and also led a three-day discussion on the topic. In his time at the African Leadership Academy, he also represented the institution at conferences and programs like the Harvard Model United Nations Conference where he earned an honorable mention in his committee discussing the development of scientific innovations in underdeveloped parts of the world. Tinashe is a firm believer in the power of African youth to change their countries for the better. He studies at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.