Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Alestide Kabogo

Alestide Kabogo is a motivated young Leader with an exceedingly motivation in creating youth-led programs and projects that enable the young people to have a great role in community building and development. He is a stronger advocate for youth empowerment programs in sustainability concepts. He believes in the power of the young people and what they can achieve when they are provided with the opportunity, skills and tools. Alestide is straightaway pursuing an honors degree in Global Challenges at the African Leadership
University. He shows a strong potential in youth engagement, strategic planning, project coordination and leadership.

Alestide is a co-founder and Projects Lead at The Youth Bridge, a platform for young people to start learning about important life values such as love, compassion, support and giving back to community at their youngest age.

He is proactive and have an unrelenting hunger to learn, grow and stay committed to addressing challenges that our community faces daily. He is the only non-medical or pharmacy student to ever serve on organizing committees of both the 65th International Pharmaceutical Students Federation World Congress and the International Federation for Medical Students’ Associations March Meeting all held in Kigali in July 2019 and March 2020 respectively. Prior to that he served as a member and a volunteer at Love and Hands, an organization that believes that love is the strongest and most meaningful way to make a difference and the best place to start is by using what is in your hands.