Join our Team

We are a team of highly ambitious and incredibly passionate professionals. We are motivated by the vision of building the largest movement of young people engaging with public leadership in Africa, and we are rapidly developing programmes and innovating our processes to actualize that vision. Each of us is volunteering time, intellect, networks and various capacities to build this outstanding movement. Are you keen to join us?

What do we look for?

To join our team, you must demonstrate:

  1. Passion for our mission – Whether or not you see yourself as a future public sector leader, do you have a grand vision for Africa that propels you? Are you curious about what it will take to transform our political and economic systems? Do you want to join a group of people that are determined to crack the code?
  2. Incredible work ethic – There are people who are gifted enough to work nonstop for 12 hours. Most of us are not, and we do not require that of you. But we need you to take your tasks seriously and deliver results on time and with quality. Most of us are often busy with other projects, but you would never guess unless we told you. Can you beat that?
  3. Excitement about creativity – We have learned something crucial about people who know how to get things done: they do not care if something has never been done before, they will find a way to do it. We love resourceful people. If you are a person who loves to get things done, you will fit right in with us.

Current opportunities

We will almost always have room for people with the following skills and interests:

  1. Programme design and management – Help to design a new programme or manage and existing one; facilitate meetings; evaluate the impact of our programmes; manage our guest speaker series, or help us imagine what else we could be doing.

Learn more about our programmes here.

  1. Research – Create content for our leadership sessions; design case studies; develop discussion guides; write an article for our website; provide feedback on written content from our Fellows and Ambassadors; or help us develop the research agenda for our Academy.

Learn more about our focus sectors here.

  1. Communications – Manage content on our website; publish insights from our programmes for diverse audiences; write for our monthly newsletter; interview participants in our programmes; manage our social media pages; or help us discover what we should be doing to better showcase our impact.

Do you already follow us on social media? Find our links at the bottom of this page.

  1. Digital media and marketing – Create excellent designs for our various platforms; produce short marketing videos of our work; design marketing collateral for our campaigns; manage distribution of our content; measure analytics from our various programmes; showcase insights from internal and external audiences to help us innovate; or help us catch on to emerging trends that will expand our reach.

Community management – Lead the management of our alumni network; help us achieve inbox zero every day; triage incoming queries to the relevant team department; design and

  1. Manage surveys for our programmes; create exciting user experiences for all programme participants; or help us understand how to better engage with our network.

As you can see, there is something for everyone to do. Are you ready to get started?