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Saturday 2nd October, 2021

"In Pursuit of Peace: Leadership, Diplomacy, and the Role of Women"

One of the core aspirations of “The Africa We Want”, the African Union’s agenda for continental development by 2063 is a “peaceful and secure Africa”. Across the continent, the legacies of civil wars, ethnic violence, political uprisings, and all manner of domestic violence continue to plague us. In Mali, decades of socio-economic and political instability have resulted in coups, untold violence and displacement of citizens. These have been exacerbated by weak governance, weak civil society and marginalization of communities. The problems in Mali have far-reaching implications for the stability of the Sahel region. In the quest to build lasting peace, what is the role of leadership, diplomacy and the roles of women and youth?

Fatima Al Ansar was the youngest Malian diplomat when she served as Head of Mission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. In her role, she had a front row seat to the challenges of governance in a developing country, and she championed representation for youth, women and girls in building peace. Today, she serves as Country Director for the Timbuktu Institute – African Center for Peace Studies. She is also the founder of Tiwalte Girls Peace Network. which empowers girls to be peace ambassadors through entrepreneurship, leadership and peace building trainings.

In this discussion, Fatima shared about her leadership journey, the challenges of governance, and the opportunities for peacebuilding through diplomacy and women empowerment.

About the Future Africa Forum

The Future Africa Forum is a periodic seminar series, through which African development experts share perspectives about the continent’s growth trajectory from their research and work. The Forum aims to create broad awareness of the challenges and opportunities for development in Africa, and to enable aspiring public sector leaders to explore various avenues through which these challenges can be addressed.

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