Africa Rising
is not a myth
Africa is not the same poor continent that it was reputed to be a few decades ago, even though we still have a lot of work to do to make it a thriving continent. Whether or not our work is adequately represented in the media, African citizens are working every day to transform the continent into a desirable place. Find out more about what we are doing to contribute to this mission.
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citizens are the 
centrepiece of democracy
Democratic societies are built on the foundation of optimum citizen participation; everyone has a role to play in ensuring that our aspirations for growth are met with the required contribution from all citizens. Demonstrate your commitment by taking the Citizens’ Pledge below.
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Youth voices are
crucial for sustainable
More than half of the continent’s population falls within the youth age-group, and that represents both an opportunity and a threat for the continent. As the custodians of the future, young people must be engaged at every level of public policy design and implementation. Learn more about the sustainable development topics in our portfolio.
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cooperation can unlock
unprecedented growth
Many African countries have experienced the same trajectory of pre-colonization, colonization, struggle for independence, and the quest for self-determination post-independence. We believe that through this shared history, the future of Africa can equally be defined by shared ideas, ideologies, and systems, regardless of borders. Join our pan-African community of Ambassadors working together for change.
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News from Future Africa
My Vision for Africa’s Future

Where are Africa’s passionate academics, analysts, enthusiasts, thinkers and doers gathering? Where is the underground bunker in which issues are being analysed?

Future Africa was founded to enable long-term political and economic stability in Africa by entrenching a robust system of citizen collaboration with governments, and preparing future generations of high impact leaders for the public sector.

The Future Africa Model

We enable young Africans to immerse themselves in extensive study of Africa’s peoples, politics and economies, as well as the various challenges and opportunities for advancement on the continent.
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We empower passionate young leaders to develop innovative solutions that will drive growth in the continent’s political, economic and social sectors.
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We create platforms that support young leaders to engage with peers, collaborators and public decision makers to implement viable ideas for pan-African development.
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Join a thriving network of some of Africa’s most passionate development advocates working together to create visible change in more than 100 African cities by 2023

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I am an African Citizen. I believe in the great potential of my country and continent to be a peaceful, prosperous and highly desirable place for all to live. I know that I have a responsibility to work with my fellow citizens for the future which I desire. I will not be a mere observer; I pledge to be an engaged, committed and productive citizen. Africa’s future is my future. Count me in!

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