Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Belinta Simiyu

Belinta Naomi Simiyu is from Western part of Kenya. Currently volunteering at a dispensary in her village since she is in her gap year after high school due to financial reasons. Taking a gap year gave her an opportunity to discover the many scholarships and opportunities available for youths. She there for was so resolute to write a new script for her village. One where big minds and ideas are not locked away in the darkness of silence never to be heard.

Belinta went to high schools and reached out to many youths, shading light on the opportunities that could be life transforming to them. She was even able to get some who have benefited from these opportunities to come and help mentor.Besides mentoring youths, she loves learning new skills and solving daily life problems. Currently working on a way of solving the health problem in her village, most likely using the little knowledge of programming that she has been able to learn. Besides programming, she learned how to crotchet and make detergent. It’s what she encourages all youths to emulate, learning income generating skills.