Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Charles Obirinanwa

Charles Chukwuma Obirinanwa is an exceptional Nigerian student, who hails of Imo state, Nigeria. He graduated from Chrisland High School Ikeja as the Headboy for the 2019/2020 academic session and he is really passionate about becoming a World-Class Business Leader. He was 3rd in the International Physics Olympiad, Lagos State for two consecutive years being 2018 & 2019 and was also 3rd in the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s essay writing contest 2019.

Charles’ love for business leadership drove him to start Youngazu, a social enterprise that is aimed at building World-class Leaders and Global Financial Giants from the youths by inspiring them to shape the world.

With Youngazu, he has organized various online programmes like the October 2020 Youth Evolution Webinar series, June 2021 Intensive Writing Class, Celebration 18 amidst others. He has also been invited to speak at various events and has hosted quite a number of public figures at his events. Youngazu has been able to reach out to over 400 youths as of August 2021 in just one year of existence. Charles has also volunteered at The Red Cross Society of Nigeria, Pacelli School of the Blind and many other organizations.
He believes strongly that life is what you can make out of it because every man is a potential achiever. He loves God and enjoys spending time with family and friends.