Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Don Boyd

Don is a keen,passionate and goal driven youth. He is currently in his final year of highschool and has had the opportunity to study different educational curricula that have broadened his view. His educational journey has made him believe that knowledge is only potential waiting to be used but that implementation of that knowledge is power. Don is a multipotentialite who loves music, dance, drama, physical exercise and the great outdoors. 

In addition to his many interests Don loves to be involved in community service. His experience has shown him how small acts in helping others can lead to large changes. This has driven him to be involved in many community services where he has also had the privilege to lead some as well. This perspective of starting small or doing small things in a great way has led Don to believe that no matter what age you are, you can leave a massive impact if you put your mind to it. This view has made him passionate about revitalising the perspective of Africa being the continent of the future.