Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Emmanuel  Okorwoit 

Emmanuel Okorwoit is an AKAD associate, peer mentor and mentee. He is a freshman at the African Leadership University, Mauritius under a full scholarship to study Computer Science, being among the 10 African scholars awarded the Patoranking scholarship. He is a proud old boy of Alliance High School where he graduated in 2019.

He is currently doing his Leadership Core at the African Leadership University. Working with CIEL Textile, a world-class global player in garments and textile operations, present in Mauritius, Madagascar, India & Bangladesh to develop a sustainable Marketing Intelligence structure that uses digital tools to improve customer loyalty and profits. He is also an Intern with Masterkey Services working as a Data analyst. Through Data visualization, he analyses the state of ALU residences and gives recommendations on what to improve. Moreover, he is the head of the Community service department under the ALU Science Club.

Emmanuel has worked with The Room, a subset of the African Leadership Group and developed an expansion strategy that helped them gain traction on the internet on a global scale. He has been featured in the Seeking for Humanity podcast series, where he discussed his efforts in seeking humanity and his mission in achieving a safe planet for people. The podcast can be accessed through the link Seeking Humanity. He has also worked with Regeneration Mauritius with the help of his team to develop an expansion strategy that will help them break even in Mauritius by the end of 2021. Regeneration is on a mission to ensure food security in the Continent making Mauritius the hub of its operations.
His biggest question has been his mission. It is how he can redefine the Tech and corporate system to be more inclusive not only for the few living on the island of prosperity but also for the many living in the ocean of poverty. His north star is rooted in connecting with people and aligning ethos and belief systems to establish a deep connection. His main ingredient to achieve this is Human willpower. Connect with diverse young Africans who share the same dream who care, who are aware and who are ready to engage. He’s deeply passionate about data analysis and digital technology.