Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Fernanda Tchisuku

Fernanda is a First year Law student, she volunteers for the Namibian Parenthood Association  (NAPPA) which works in Partnership with the Ministry of Health and with non governmental organizations including physically active Youth and liranga Epora (for people living with Aids. She is chairperson for the Namibian Youth Action movement of Namibia, Erongo district which is a Program under NAPPA developing strong education projects to ensure that a new generation of Namibians is equipped to make informed decisions about individual SRH in the Future.

Her areas of focus are Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Mental Health Awareness, she was drawn to these issues due to the frustration that young people are engaging in promiscuous activities without making the right choices and reckless decisions. With those bad habits comes negative results which causes a huge strain on the physical health as well as mental health.

Fernanda hopes to initiate Peer mentorship programs to awaken the tools and techniques to educate these young people regarding Sexual Reproductive Health and Mental Health Awareness.