Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Ahmed Sherif

Kuundjuaune Kavari started school at Oranjemund private school in the south of Namibia. He later  moved west to Walvis Bay in 2009 where he continued his grade 2 till grade 7 at Immanuel Ruiters  primary school. After finishing his senior year at primary school then moved to flamingo secondary  school where he did his junior secondary phase from grade 8-10 and got his junior senior secondary  

certificate in which he performed outstandingly. He continued his senior secondary education at the  international school of Walvis Bay and sat for his Cambridge AS level exams in October 2020 which he  also passed and which granted him access to university. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Accounting  (Honours) at the University of Namibia.  

He is passionate about determination and leadership and has served in various Learners representative  councils as well as Junior Mayor of the port city of Walvis Bay in 2020. He also serves in various youth  organisations in order to impact his community focusing on tangible specific goals determined to leave a  positive mark. He has a passion to help improve and uplift the livelihood of young individuals in Walvis  bay, Namibia and Africa. He lives by the motto “Young people have the capacity to make change, we  should amplify our voices in unity and make sure our needs are made” He is also has a passion for  education and always advocates for all children in Namibia to have access to education regardless of  their backgrounds and also promotes quality delivery of education so that education is not  compromised but most importantly available for every Namibian child to be given an opportunity to  thrive.