Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Leslie Bayanza

Leslie Bayanza is a rising university student pursuing her studies at the African Leadership University in Global Challenges with a mission study in climate change and agriculture. Since Humans are responsible for the negative evolution of the environment through our daily practices that are harmful to the environment, Leslie believes that to tackle climate change, Africa and the entire world need people’s small sustainable actions suitable for the environment, especially for sustainable agriculture. She is passionate about transforming Africa through hard work, accountability, and collaboration among young leaders to solve African social challenges. 

Leslie had opportunities to participate in several programs and work with some organizations with an environmental focus. In 2021, she joined the Global Impact Virtual Internship program at Global Leadership Adventures, where she acted as an intern in environmental stewardship. She learned about climate action, and she worked on the social media campaign for Blue Planet Foundation on renewable energy and clean transportation in Hawaii. That opportunity helped her gain insights into climate change, and the role young people need to play in tackling climate issues. She discovered her leadership potential and strengths that are beneficial to her community. She hopes to become an open-minded and enthusiastic farmer and climate activist to fight against poverty, youth unemployment by inciting young people to work and develop sustainable African agriculture, promote green space, and always fight climate change in Africa and the entire world. 

Leslie believes that the future belongs to the youth, and it’s their duty to change Africa through their hard work and genuine potential.