Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Leslie Mafuta

Leslie is the founder of Wakanda smartech a company aimed  at solving challenges through technology and also igniting youth interests in technology.He is also the founder of Ecofriends, an organisation that seeks to change rural areas into orchards and Woodlots . Leslie is Starleadership Alumni,a Project 900 Africa Scholar ,member of the Young Leaders Initiative Zimbabwe and also Project Manager at International Youth Scientists.He   is  also Uri Program fellow.

His area of focus is science and technology and he believes that science is the weapon we need to narrow the gap between developed countries and developing countries (mostly in Africa) through innovation and marketing.Leslie focuses on sparking the potential in youths and challenging them to never shun the driver’s seat and he the solution to their own problems.

His ultimate goal is to form one coalition tech company here in Africa  consisting of all African tech companies aimed at devastating look east or west policy when it comes to processing our resources and also also support young start up entrepreneurs.