Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Maedot A. Dereb

Maedot Asrat is a high school senior at Bahir Dar University STEM incubation center, a high  school established for exceptionally talented students who have good academic standing in  mathematics and science. Apart from her academic interest, Maedot is a curious, committed, and  passionate young writer, entrepreneur, and training organizer. She wrote her first manuscript at the  age of twelve and is now working on other manuscripts. She does not only love writing words but  also codes. She was part of the ‘Girls can code’ program at Bahir Dar University. 

Maedot wants to work on women empowerment regarding women’s participation in technological  discoveries. Therefore, she has a dream of creating an innovative international platform  called Women in STEM subjects. 

Additionally, Maedot believes freedom of speech and opinion is one of the key points of a  democratic community. Henceforth, she hopes to create African citizens who are able to reflect on  their opinions without fear of being judged, discriminated and arrested. Moreover, she has been a  spokesman for an English language club for four consecutive years at her primary school. She  served as a program leader who was in charge of encouraging pupils to show their talents, share  their ideas, and come across their fear of public speaking. 

“Any area of study or major should not be undermined regarding its impact on the development  of Africa. It is the minor roles we play today that will make a better Africa tomorrow.” Says  Maedot.