Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Nadine Guerfi

Nadine is a young Algerian student. In high school she passed the French baccalaureate with an overall grade of 17.81/20, she is now studying politics with economics at the University of Bath, and got awarded the Chancellor’s scholarship for academic excellence.

Nadine is a curious individual, and her interest in debating allows her to widen her knowledge in all kinds of subjects. She was part of a public speaking club during high school and won the public speaking competition of Algiers in early 2020.

She is always open to learn more, with a keen interest in everything related to social sciences and humanities, especially in their theoretical aspect, such as in political philosophy. These allow her to adopt critical thinking in her everyday life, in real-life politics, and to see society differently by understanding the multiple phenomena around her. From this was born her interest in the public sector.

One of her dreams is to make a positive change in society and to contribute making a better future for all Africans. As she is, constantly willing to take action to make a change, through volunteering, finding like-minded people in the young future Africa ambassadors program was an exciting opportunity, to learn more about the public sector, and develop her leadership skills.