Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Okechukwu Uche

Okechukwu Uche is a people-centered and impact-focused leader with a passion to build and transform communities across the globe. He is a man of diverse passion but has a keen interest in ethical leadership, education, technology, media, and its role in transforming communities as well as a tool to drive positive change. He is currently a Mastercard Foundation Scholar pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at African Leadership University, Mauritius. 

While in high, he ran a student company-SYTEC Enterprise under the Junior Achievement Nigeria Company Program where he led a team of over 30 students to fill the need of Power Outage within the school and their neighboring communities by producing a Rechargeable Battery Powered Inverter and Torchlights which earned them the recognition as the ‘Most Innovative Student Company’ at the Regional Company of the Year Competition 2018, after which he served as a mentor to two incoming companies and founded the alumni network of Junior Achievement Nigeria in his school. 

Shortly after graduation, he served as a Media Associate with several non-profit organizations and went ahead to serve as the Media Team Lead with U-Recycle Africa, where he helped with their branding and communications and increased 

the brand’s visibility, and worked with other team members to secure partnerships. He has been recognized for his resilient and creative spirit, hard work, leadership, and academic prowess and he was recently proclaimed as 50 Most Promising Leader of the Future by Fela Durotoye (Multiple Award Winning Leadership Coach). 

Okechukwu believes that he is on a creative mission to being an ethical and transformative leader with strong values and principles who would leverage technology and the media to teach, inspire, coach, and mentor young people to take responsibility for their actions and create a sustainable future for their communities and coming generations. He is a keen supporter and advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals and enjoys spending time with people and organizations that help him in achieving his mission and accelerating the SDGs.