Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Oluwafisayomi Jeje

Oluwafisayomi Jeje is the youngest advocate for a better Africa. She fell in love with developing Africa when at the young age of 11, She got exposed to the struggles and challenges on the African continent. Watching a Sports program “Sports Tonight” on Channels television, a local TV station in Lagos, Nigeria. Oluwafisayomi saw the struggles with Nigeria and African sports. 

Beyond Sports, She began to watch vlogs and documentaries just to see the good in Africa. But seeing poverty, poor health care, insecurity and other issues, She discovered it came as a result of bad leadership. Beyond politics and government, Oluwafisayomi believes Africa getting a leader who can unite all African countries, work together for growth across all sectors of the economy and share resources together would transform Africa massively. Africans can begin to enjoy her resources. 

Oluwafisayomi founded Africa Teens Meet, A bubbling community of more than 100 teenagers across the African continent. With the aim of getting Africa, passionate and good leaders, She believes this can be done only with adequate preparation and development especially with the African teenager. 

Even with the limitations and challenges the average African child grows in. With the right transformation, education and development, Great future African leaders would emerge. Getting African teenagers right on and building them early, would in the nearest future produce the best leaders across Africa. 

Oluwafisayomi looks forward to resuming Undergraduate studies come 2022. She was an outstanding high school student who graduated July 2019.