Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Providence Y. Mutare

Ms Providence Mutare is a young inspirational lady aged 17, born  on November 15 2003. She completed her O level studies at St Augustine’s High School and came out with astonishing results in her final examinations, in the year 2020. Ms Providence was a prefect at her school, and a member of the Junior Church Council where she was a Head Server. In 2018, she sat for her Computer HEXCO examination and had a distinction. Currently she is pursuing her leadership training at Star Leadership Academy, which is an intensive educational and experiential learning program aimed at academically gifted students providing them with leadership skills , challenging their identity.

Ms Providence has the public sector at heart, especially the youth. Her passion for the youth has been seen through the campaigns she has been running using social media  platforms,  to raise important awareness that will benefit the youth and the nation to a greater  extent. She is an aspiring social entrepreneur who has already been working on sharpening her entrepreneurship skills. She has been working on a group project known as the venture capital firm, where a reasonable amount of money is invested into jobless youths with a sense of direction, to come up with a business.

Ms Providence has been actively involved in volunteerism as part of the Star Leos Club, where she has been visiting children’s homes doing arts of charity. She aspires to be a paediatric occupational therapist by profession in the future, unless interests change as time goes.