Fellow- Avedi Musungu

Tshwanelo Mankwe

Tshwanelo Mankwe is a 2nd year student studying Diploma in Sustainable Development at Stellenbosch university. She is a young woman passionate about nature and helping people. She is currently volunteering as a mentor at MpFuneto foundation for Grade 12 learners. She likes building networking as it brings opportunities, her values are authenticity and communication in formal and informal relationships.

She believes that after completing this course, her focus is going to be on her idea of starting a programme that will help young people, the focus will be on Eco literacy as conserving nature and our surrounding environment is vital, using design thinking as a technique of learning will be an interesting part. As it will help and enable these young people to think creatively and innovatively when solving problems. Her focus towards sustainability is Goal 13 which is about taking urgent action towards climate change.

Tshwanelo’s greatest wish is to see young people getting involved in tackling social issues and living a sustainable life of doing less harm to the environment.