Adedeji Adewumi

Adedeji Adewumi is a curious contrarian working to build a Nigeria that has a permanent seat in the security council of the United Nations by 2050. Often described as an artist and soldier, artist because he is a playful crafted of ideas and soldier because he nurtured these ideas from ideation to execution.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Adedeji has a keen interest in public policy, governance, national security, trade, and technology amongst others. Presently, Adedeji works with Vendease Africa as corporate social responsibility lead.

Adedeji was drawn to the Future Africa Fellowship after engaging with past fellows, attending its forum, and conversing with other young minds across the continent, who all share an unending desire to improve the quality of governance and leadership in Africa.

Adedeji hopes to sharpen his understanding of public policy, network with other young minds, and proffer policy solutions to some of Africa’s daunting challenges.

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