Alemtsehay Alemayehu

Alemtsehay Alemayehu, an Ethiopian women is currently a Lecturer in Dilla University; one of the senior universities in Ethiopia. She holds a BA Degree in Management from Axum University, Masters in Public Administration, specialized in public policy from Addis Ababa University and she is currently a Phd Candidate at university of South Africa; researching on public policy making and indigenous knowledge. As a Public policy professional, she mostly engages in lecturing Public policy making, development administration, project management, public service delivery and related areas.

Alemtsehay has published researches on the issues related to migration, development, public policy and gender equality and women empowerment. She has worked as Gender Focal person of College of Business and Economics, and Vice President of Female academic Network at Dilla

She is engaged in providing public service and leadership trainings for public sector leaders and graduating class future leaders. Alemtsehay leads gender policy development work, invited and provided short speeches on
academics and Gender in policy development. She is passionate about volunteering, consultation in the area of public policy, development, project management, public service and self- development.

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