Akerele Alfred

Alfred Akerele is a resourceful young development worker with an extensive understanding of youth engagement, leadership transformation, civic engagement, sustainable development goals programming and community development. He has over 8 years of experience working at the local community, national regional and global levels supporting different developmental courses, engaging in sustainable approaches and championing localized
concepts to foster inclusion.

Alfred is also currently supporting young people and youth-led networks in Ondo State, Nigeria on localization of Sustainable Development Goals and a contributor to the first SDG playbook in Nigeria a module adopted by the United Nations for SDGs practical learning, adoption of National Policy for Inclusive Volunteering in Southwest
a tool for inclusive community development and member of Nigerian Youth Employment Action Plans (NIYEAP) implementation committee.

He has gained volunteering, professional, and leadership experiences with both National and International organizations like; VSO Nigeria, UNICEF, GPAEI, ALMA, African Leadership Organization, FGM Global Youth Consortium, YALI etc. He is a member of Commonwealth Youth, Gender Equality Network supporting young people in the Commonwealth nations to have access to gender-inclusive quality education with relevant curricula which prioritise holistic learning
methods, and that prepare young people for decent work, equitable employment opportunities and  entrepreneurship and Member of West Africa Regional Consultation, African Union Youth Division on Youth Pre-Specialized Technical Committee.

He is inspired with every opportunity to channel his effort at developing the society in more coordinated forms with varying ideas from technocrats to deliberate on substantive national issues and work towards achieving sustainable change.

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