Fellow- Avedi Musungu
“The fellowship translates to a remarkable opportunity for the deliberation of real time public policy issues and exploration of solutions to these complex matters. It offers a platform for the engagement and consideration of diversified opinions from different individuals hence giving valued insight to each aspect of public policy.”

Anita W. Mugo

Anita W. Mugo

Anita Mugo is a student undertaking several certificate programs focusing on peace support, humanitarian relief and security operations at Peace Operations Training Institute that offers e- learning based in Williamsburg, USA. She is committed towards partaking in the practice of civil military coordination in UN Peacekeeping Operations.

Anita is intrigued about the role played especially by military and civilian components in civil military coordination under UN Peace Operations. She is geared towards enhancing the realization of the supremacy of civilian authority while also acknowledging the role of the military as a supporting element especially when deployed in post conflict and disaster relief contexts.

She believes that through the full comprehension of the interface between the civilian and military sectors at operational and tactical level will the commitment and provision of support and resources be assured. These will help to undertake capacity and confidence building measures such as conflict prevention, peacemaking and peacebuilding that aid in laying foundations for sustainable peace and development at grassroots level.

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