Dinah Achola

Dinah Achola is a graduate of Business Computing from Makerere University, a TESOL certified digital tutor and a 3rd Cohort Fellow at Teach For Uganda (https://www.teachforuganda.org/) where she is actively tackling the various social constraints that affect the quality of education in public schools through teaching, researching, advocacy and raising awareness about the true state of the education system we are leaning on to shape the quality of citizenry we dream of. She is also a graduate of the 2021 inaugural class of Huduma Fellowship. Huduma Fellowship is an initiative by the LéO Africa Institute (https://huduma.leoafricainstitute.org/about) and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (https://www.kas.de/en/web/uganda), to provide thought leadership training for emerging civic & public sector champions in Uganda. The programme offered Dinah an opportunity to learn the ideals of “servant” leadership, networking opportunities, and a deeper understanding of the public sector in Uganda and she is now set on a trajectory of growth as a conscious civic & public sector champion.

While at Huduma, Dinah learnt the art of value based leadership and along this came numerous exposures to the critical gaps in public leadership. Dinah also worked as a digital Tutor for over 2 years at Tella (https://www.tella.co.kr/) offering English lessons to over 1500 South Koreans where she became a team lead and mastered the art of international relations and recognising racial differences for the strength it carries. She also has extensive experience in working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds having volunteered with Compassion Intentional at Naguru child Development centre UG440.

Dinah is passionate about quality education for children in challenged/underserved communities and how she can transform them towards the fast changing digital world in the era of 4IR. She is a natural change maker, a go getter, seizing opportunities that can lead her to achieve her goals that include and are not limited to public service policies and service delivery, stakeholder engagement, community
engagement, teaching, guidance and counselling, research etc. She values honesty, truth and fairness.

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