Fellow- Avedi Musungu

“With the amount of attention that is directed towards the youth, I think the sky is the limit, especially for people like me who are passionate to see growth.

Douglas Suloe

Douglas G. Suloe

As Douglas G. Suloe seeks a master’s in International Affairs at Pennsylvania State University, he concentrates on combining Africa’s psyche and approach on matters about the continent both on the global stage and at home. He believes that the ultimate liberation and development of Africa depends on the restoration of its determination.

His vision is profoundly centered on the leadership of Africa. However, he understands internally that “leaders” serve and are not to be served.

The objective has always been to liberate Africa with its embedded potential and resources. But the growth, development, and transformation of Africa and its people should not only be through its economy and infrastructure but instead, most importantly, through the reconstruction of our minds.

Through his numerous contributions to the communities he has lived in, he believes in empowering the youth and advocating to enlighten them about international political affairs that contribute to the development of every African.

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