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Future Africa is an idea-sharing platform for like minded individuals who are ready to bring their folding chairs to the table so that they can be part of the conversation in advocating for better regional and global policies centered around social justice, youth inclusion and sustainable development.

Evans Sitati Wabomba

Evans Sitati Wabomba

Evans Sitati is a young Kenyan who is aspiring to be a regional and global policy maker. He is passionate about youth engagement, civic education, disability inclusion, transparency, accountability and environmental conservation. His professional background revolves around Human Rights, Democracy and Gender Equality and believes that its only when people’s rights are being recognized that sustainable and long term development can take place. 

He is currently a graduate student taking a Masters in Public Policy and Management at Strathmore University which is imparting him with the adequate skills, knowledge and networks that will be essential in his quest to build a self-sufficient Africa. His dream is to create an opportunity where every voice will be heard, ideas from marginalized groups will be put into consideration and shared prosperity will become the new theme.

Evans enjoys meeting people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds and being a Fellow at Future Africa, the conversations with the other Fellows and the robust discussions enhanced the importance of diversity on the policy discussion arenas.

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