Jemal Idris

Jemal has B.A in Sociology and Social Work, holds Diploma in World Literature and Video production. He has Research experience of six years in the Research and Documentation Center of Eritrea. After earning a great position in the college, he graduated, to teach sociology courses in 2017 as a part –time Lecturer in the only college of Social Sciences in Eritrea, He taught “Sociology of Migration”, “Urban Sociology”, “Individual and Society”, “Sociology of Education”, ‘Sociology of Development’ and several other courses for senior students. He has a leading role in the team that prepares National Citizenship Text Book of Eritrea. As a Researcher he is engaged in significant Socio-economic and Socio-political researches which influences the policy making process.

Jemal believes that to create productive and progressive governance, Africa need to develop transformational leadership capacity. And he underlines that, this depends on creating politically conscious society using the ‘common history’ and its sacrifice as a pillar of unity. Furthermore, he is certain that, building open minded African network which works towards effective governance and development is also a great addition to the role he will be playing in the process of change. And believes that, this network is a plat form for sharing experiences and building a strong intellectual and diplomatic tie.