Judith Juma

Judith Juma is a Legal Research Consultant and Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Until June 2021, Judith worked as a Consultant of the International Development Law Organization under an Access to Justice Project, embedded at the Public Procurement Administrative Review Board. She provided technical legal support on disputes relating to public procurement, asset disposal and infrastructure development on projects funded by multilateral development banks. She interacted with government policy, legislation and cases dealing with the plight of foreign and citizen contractors, women, youth and persons living with disabilities in relation to their participation in public procurement as a tool for sustainable development. With Legal Research and Drafting as her forte, Judith has assisted legislative drafters in developing legislation for County Governments, the National Government of Kenya, and decision makers in developing quality judgements on public procurement and arbitration.

Judith was drawn to the Future Africa Fellowship after reflections on Kenya’s policies and governance measures taken during election years and the experience she gained after working as an Election Observer of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in Kenya’s General Elections. Together with a team of young policy makers, Judith is currently formalizing a Community Based Organization with Gender Democracy and Elections as the organization’s primary focus areas.

Through this Fellowship, Judith hopes to engage with young public sector leaders across the globe and inspire research on topical issues affecting Africa’s development.

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