Lerato Mochesane

Given the situation at hand of high unemployment rate in the continent of Africa, Lerato believes Entrepreneurship is the only hope for the youth against this “giant”. Thereupon, this the Mosotho youth passionate about enterprising because of the crucial role it can play in the economic growth of any given country, thus if done right. She is of the believe that youth can play an important role in the governance of organizations, including decision making, co-developing policies and procedures influencing issues that affect their lives. It is for this reason she is affectionate about right governance. One that includes the youth in everything, the government that understands that “Nothing for us without us”. Engaging youth lends a hand in their leadership skills. Leaders will need to appreciate the assets that youth bring, consequently, share their decision making “power”.

Lerato is a journalism and Media graduate from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Lesotho campus. An aspiring entrepreneur who due to the hunger of evolving career wise, connecting, expanding her network, increasing her social and relationship skills she currently holds a position of the Communication Associate at the African Rebirth on the voluntary basis. Moreover, she is also a member of the Lesotho African Continental Free Trade Area youth advisory council chapter.

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