Lilian Olivia Orero

Lilian Olivia Orero is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Global Peace Ambassador, Youth Advocate and Human Rights Enthusiast. She also serves as Civil Society Regional Reference Group Member- Spotlight Initiative Africa Regional Programme at UN Women. As an Award-Winning Writer and Researcher, she is a published columnist with The Youth Law Journal and has written on various topics affecting young women in Africa such as sexual consent and rape, domestic violence, demystifying abortion, youth inclusion in governance and discrimination in the workplace. She has represented young women’s voices in national, regional and international conferences and forums. She is passionate about youth inclusion in public policy decision making such good governance and social justice.

She has mobilized youth from different backgrounds to fight for their human rights and speak out on getting equal opportunities through representation. She is an aspiring diplomat and public policy maker and is very passionate about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensuring that they are implemented in Africa according to its Agenda 2063. Her philosophy in life is to inspire her fellow youth by mobilizing and empowering transformative young leaders to make a positive change in her community.

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