Manang Lucy

Manang Lucy is a young and upcoming leader, who is passionate about representation of all people irrespective of their gender race, nationality and advocating for their inclusion in governance and decision-making processes in issues pertaining their wellbeing such as social, economic, political and religious perspectives.

She is currently working as a Research and Advocacy Officer at Karamoja Development Forum -A lobby and advocacy local based National NGO that advocates for the rights of the long marginalized local Karimojong Pastoralist Community in Northeastern Uganda. She is procurement and Logistics professional by qualification from the Kyambogo University in Uganda. She has had additional training on climate change and Development from the University of East Anglia-UK, training on Climate Justice from the Nairobi Summer School Of Climate Justice, Training on Leadership and Advocacy, Human Rights, conflict management and Peace building, Core Humanitarian Standards, by the Civil Society academy and training on Human rights by United Nations Human Rights Commission amongst others.

She has had an extensive understanding and four-year working experience in general research, general programming and project implementation mostly in research and on key thematic areas such as ;on Land and Natural Resources, climate change, Pastoralism and Governance. She is currently in the lead team on action research on conservation of the environment and wellbeing of the Tepeth local indigenous community who live on Moroto Mountain-Moroto district in partnership with the University of East Anglia and Makerere University. She and her team successfully drafted a comprehensive Gender Report.

She is passionate about public policy formulation and influence, climate change and justice specifically climate finance and driving climate action, and governance and decision making, proposal writing and fundraising. Her long-term goal in regard to the public sector leadership is getting into leadership and governance in a diplomatic position and fostering peace and international development in Africa.

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