Margaret Pwajok

Margaret Pwajok is a Gender Justice advocate and an advocate for self-education. She believes that not everything is taught in school so there is a need for self-education. She is a leader of Kingsbuild Book Club whose main driving force is empowering the mind to shape the future. She believes that readers are thinkers and thinkers are doers who eventually effect positive social change. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and is currently working with a Coalition of Youths for Gender Justice in her community.

Margaret believes that good mentorship from the world’s best leaders and improving ones thought process can create better leaders for Africa. She hopes to actively participate in the public sphere as a public policy practitioner to build thriving communities in Africa.

Margaret was particularly attracted to the Future Africa fellowship because of its goal to create a meeting point for Africa’s aspiring leaders. She believes that it is a great platform to engage, share African solutions which will create sustainable development in leadership.