Mariam Marega Diagana 

Fascinated by the process of life, Mariam decided to study biology. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she took a gap year to reflect on which postgraduate path to take. This year Mariam had the opportunity to teach French lessons to English speakers, this only further strengthened her patience and pedagogy.

She has always been concerned by the challenges African countries are facing. And she has always wondered how we can appropriate the notion of development and make it our own. She believes the core of development is to put in front: knowledge, human well-being, and nature.

Currently, she works as a project manager assistant for an initiative called City Wide Inclusive Sanitation Technical Assistance Hub (SSA) while also pursuing a master’s degree in environmental management and sustainable development. Besides that, she has a personal project called “La Bibliothèque” that consists as the names implies to implement a library that promotes books, reading, debates, culture. in Dakar. She loves connecting with people and learning from them.

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