Nana Esi Egyirba Pobee-Quaynor

Nana Esi Egyirba Pobee-Quaynor is a young Ghanaian lady with a Master of Arts degree in Global Studies with emphasis on Peace and Security in Africa from the Leipzig University (Germany) and the Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts with honours in Political Science and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, she worked with the United Nations Development Programme, Ghana under the Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding Cluster for a year and later moved to join the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on its face-to-face campaign. She is passionate about issues pertaining to peace and security, conflict resolution, youth engagement, women empowerment as well as climate related security issues. Occasionally, she volunteers as a gender coach for the Global Arts and Development Centre, Ghana.

She has a great passion for public sector leadership as she believes it is an avenue through which her voice and that of other young individuals like herself can be heard. With this, she participated in the just ended fourth Edition of the World Youth Forum in Egypt where she engaged with individuals from across the globe on developmental issues. She believes that being a public sector leader not only influences the job output but helps with good planning and coordination, efficiency, transparency, and accountability. She believes that public sector leadership helps to guide the actions and inactions of the workforce and thus it is a skill that must be embedded in every individual.

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