Fellow- Avedi Musungu
“Future Africa Fellowship is a new and empowering journey. This opportunity has allowed me to learn more about the political and economic development of Africa and provides me with the knowledge I need to see a transformed African continent. It solidifies what is meant by active citizenry and continues to give me tools to become an empowered change-maker.”

Ona Xolo

Ona Xolo

Ona is a newly admitted attorney practicing as such at the Legal Resources Centre, an independent, client-based, non-profit public interest law clinic.

She has a passion for public interest litigation with the aim to focus on developing just precedents in the transformed legal profession through the collaborative relationships with the courts and other major role players, ensuring the decrease of the gap on socio-economic factors. Her interests include constitutional rights to education, Equality and discrimination and security of land tenure.

Ona holds an LLB from the University of the Free State and plans to register for an LLM in Human Rights law (with a focus on women and children’s rights). Ona is also a Bertha Justice Alumni.

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