Saad Uakkas

Saad is a public health student, and global youth empowerment and engagement activist. He advocates health issues, youth involvement, and climate change. He is an international trainer with over 400 hours of sessions facilitated, a TEDx speaker with over 200 hours of speeches in panels and events, a Diana award winner, One Young World ambassador, UNESCO young researcher, WHO infodemic manager, Clinton global initiative fellow, JCI Morocco Ten Outstanding Young Persons winner, and world literacy foundation ambassador.

Saad had leadership positions nationally and globally representing youth in 56 global events and meetings in 23 countries. He organized over 30 projects, campaigns, and events both in-person and online. He occupied leadership positions for 3 years in the international federation of medical students associations IFMSA and led global campaigns on blood donation, antimicrobial resistance, interprofessional education, and coordinated the global medical students’ COVID-19 response in collaboration with WHO, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNICEF, and other stakeholders.

Today Saad serves as the North Africa director in the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change with a vision to unite the youth of the region, empower them, and support them to be active actors in their communities tackling major environmental issues.Saad wants to continue his journey in the public health sector serving with the Moroccan health ministry as well as the AU to improve institutional capacity and focus on health systems strengthening and improving health coverage for communities in need. His focus is on adolescents, youth, and women in poor conditions.

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