Olemo Gordon Brian

Olemo is a fellow of the Young African Leaders’ Initiative (YALI) and a graduate of the African Leadership Academy; a pan-African institution from which he graduated with a diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership. During the 10th African Leadership Academy Model African Union (ALAMAU), he wrote a research paper and study guide for delegates of the Afrircan Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) on “Curtailing State Policing power during crises to safeguard human rights.”

Olemo extols the value of education, training, and mentorship as the means through which young people can be equipped to radically shape Africa’s growth trajectory. Cognizant that most of Africa’s challenges find their root in bad politics, he plans on vying for political office in his home country Uganda. In doing so, he hopes to participate in the critical process of holding the government accountable and legislating policies that create prosperity, enable access, and eliminate socio-economic inequality. He is also the founder of New Flame, a community service project that aims to replace the use of charcoal in his district (Apac) with briquettes made from carbonized corn cobs.

Today, Olemo hosts The 4th Generation Podcast through which he aims to equip his generation with the ideological tools to understand and change political leadership on the continent. Currently an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame, he is pursuing studies in Economics and Global Affairs with a minor in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. When he is not reading a biography or a book on Africa’s political economy during his personal time, he is watching soccer or playing badminton.